Andrew gave a fantastic talk to Agatha Christie fans!

Andrew gets his inspiration for his books from actual events that happened to Agatha, during her extremely fascinating, and sometimes very mysterious life!

A Different Kind Of Evil is the second book in his exceptional crime series featuring Agatha Christie as detective. The books are based on real life events which happened in Mrs Christie’s life, and use them as the starting point for mysterious tales of murder and blackmail with her at their dark heart.

The first book A Talent for Murder fictionalised Agatha’s famous 10 day disappearance in December 1926, when she walked out of her family home and didn’t resurface until over a week later at the Swan Hotel in Harrogate. The new book follows Mrs Christie to Tenerife, a real life trip she made with her daughter in January 1927, and a tale of suicide and mysterious deaths on the sunny island… They’re fantastic books, perfect for any Agatha Christie fan, and have been praised for their intricate plots and sensitive handling of her private life.